About us

The company Bílasmiðurinn hf was founded in 1980 by Leif Þorleifsson, a master carmaker, and his family, the company is still owned by the family. Its main activity is wholesaling and retailing with products related to various industries, various parts for commercial vehicles and equipment as well as industrial products for sea and land. In our store at Bíldshöfði 16 we have a wide selection of products for sale, you can find hinges, locks, rubber gaskets, aluminum profiles, gas pumps, insulation, hatches, lights, car seats, child car seats, carpets, hubs, refrigerators, charging stations for electric cars, boards, bulbs, etc.

  The company also has a service and workshop for Webasto secondary centers at Eldshöfði 19.

The company's employees have extensive product and technical knowledge, and we provide a variety of advice when purchasing the products that the company has for sale. Great emphasis is placed on offering only quality products at reasonable prices.

Store opening hours

Open 1/9-31/5 every weekday from 08:00 - 18:00

And 1/6-31/8 from 08:17:00.

Closed on weekends.